UPDATE -- Although this is not a photo of the finished addition, you can see the sun room addition, the new front door, and the wheelchair ramp.

Sadly, Dennis passed away before the project was finished.  We wish Melissa the best and hope that she and her family will enjoy the new addition.

The Stinson Family Story

     On March 20, 2019, Dennis Stinson's world changed forever.  While cutting a tree from approximately 30 feet in the air, Dennis fell and, due to his injuries, is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

     Friends of the family contacted Brown County Habitat for Humanity and asked us to become involved in making the necessary modifications to the family's home.

Stinson Update.jpg

For more information, go to... 

www.bcdemocrat.com/2019/07/02 and search for "Dennis Stinson."